Purify water
to save our planet

Nowadays water resource pollution and shortage are emerging issues and getting worse and worse. As an environmental issue solution provider, Ever-Clear shows our ambition in environmental protection and responsibilities in wastewater treatment with rich knowledge and innovative technologies.

Create a better environment for our next generation

The main founder of Ever-Clear, Dr. Lyndan Cho, who was the leader of Environment & Science Technology Laboratory of ITRI 20 years ago, realized the importance of water resource protection and the necessity of wastewater treatment and decided to work on the practical application of  wastewater treatment technology. In 1999, Dr. Cho and 3 other founders established Ever-Clear together; meanwhile, Dr. Cho put his enthusiasm of environmental protection and the speciality of wastewater treatment into this newborn company and hoped that our water on earth could be as "Clear" as "Ever"--- that's how the name of "Ever-Clear" comes from.

Moving forward with our company establishment philosophy in the past few years, Ever-Clear has applied advanced treatment technologies and got success all over the world. We expect that through our efforts it may bring some positive contributions to make the environment better.

Research & Development

Our lab was established in 2010 and responsible for research projects, wastewater treatment feasibility study and evaluation, and necessary commissioning assistance during start-up of scale-up installations. For wastewater evaluation, the equipments for pilot test we have are such as FBC, FBR-Fenton, FeRed-Fenton, UASB, activated sludge reactor, and jar-test. Besides, we have enough ability for water quality analysis, and the instruments are such as ICP, TOC, FIA and spectrophotometer.

To keep leading in wastewater treatment technology, we collaborate with research insitutes such as ITRI and NCKU and found research project every year. By this excellent collaboration of knowledge and experience sharing, we have obtained some patented technology and also a few innovation technology authorization from these institutes.

Coming up! Ever-Clear's New Headquarter!

The construction of Ever-Clear's new headquarter began on August 9th, 2017. It is  completed on  March 15th, 2019!

Economic, Effective, Stable, Simple

"Economic", "Effective", "Stable" and "Simple" are our fundamental concepts regarding high-quality wastewater treatment service. We have high confidence in providing our customers the optimum total solution of wastewater treatment through our comprehensive assessment, overall consideration, detailed design, experienced supervision, state-of-the-art equipment, and full follow-up service.


Provide economic wastewater treatment equipments and solutions


Design effective wastewater treatment process and provide complete service


Apply logical and innovative technologies to achieve stable discharged water quality


Build up operation friendly simple system

Our markets and products are:

Our business market is mainly in industrial wastewater and organic waste gas treatment:

  • Evaluation/Process Design/Detailed Design of Wastewater/Sludge/Underground Water/Organic waste gas treatment
  • Turnkey of Wastewater/Sludge/Underground Water/Organic waste gas treatment
  • Existed wastewater or organic waste gas treatment plant upgrade or expansion
  • Industrial wastewater reuse
  • Equipment manufacture for Wastewater/Sludge/Underground Water/Organic waste gas treatment


  • 2020

  • 2019

  • 2018

  • 2017

    • Initial public offering stock
    • Establishment of Remuneration Committee
    • Emerging Stock Board Registration
    • Set up 3 independent directors and Audit Committee
    • Commencement of Headquarter building
  • 2016

    • Paid-up capital increased by cash to NTD 160,000,000
    • Purchase of land in Xitun district, Taichung City for new Headquarter
  • 2015

    • Marketing of FBC reactor and AFB bioreactor in China
    • Business marketing in Israel
  • 2014

    • Paid-up capital increased by cash to NTD 150,000,000
    • First scale-up Fluidized Bed Crystallization (FBC) reactor in Singapore
    • First scale-up BioNET bioreactor in Thailand
    • Business marketing in Thailand
    • Business marketing in steel industry
  • 2013

    • Paid-up capital increased by cash to NTD 80,000,000
    • Invest in Ever-Clear Investment Corp.
    • Paid-up capital increased by cash to NTD 120,000,000