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Our company FBR won the Taiwan Excellence
The fluidized bed Fenton technology is a high-efficiency organic wastewater treatment technology. Compared with other technologies, it has the advantages of high efficiency and low operating cost. After the reaction, the waste sludge product is transformed into a crystalline form, except that the sludge treatment cost can be reduced. At the same time, it can be recycled and reused (such as manufacturing magnets, phosphorus and arsenic adsorption materials, etc.), and is environmentally friendly. In order to stabilize the conditions for crystallization, the structure and component specifications of the tank have been developed with unique design. The reaction tank has the best conditions for high quality and high efficiency. The tank body is made of SUS316L, which has high corrosion resistance and the main equipment is open. The hole position is customized design, in line with the actual installation land demand at the site, the initial stage of system operation development is from manual monitoring operation, to the addition of PLC automatic control, automatic addition and quantification of wastewater and drugs, water quality online monitoring, abnormal alarm devices for peripheral equipment, etc. Adjusting system parameters in a system-automatic manner is difficult to emulate on hardware and software. For countries with strict discharge water control standards (Mainland and Vietnam), this technology has been widely applied, and the standard of discharge water must be a trend, and the high competitiveness value of this technology will become more significant.