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Authorized Technology


Preliminary Transferred Technology

National Cheng Kung University, NCKU ( Taiwan)

  • Molecular Biology Testing Technology
  • An Innovative Electrolysis Oxidation Method on Wastewater Treatment
  • The Removal of Ferrous Ions using Three Phase Fluidized-Bed Reactor
  • Continuous Electro-Fenton Reactor on Wastewater Treatment
  • The Treatment of High Concentration Dye Wastewater
  • The Removal of Iron and Manganese Ions using Fluidized-Bed Crystallization

Industrial Technology Research Institute, ITRI (Taiwan)

  • Development of High Effective Solid Anti-Algae Adsorbent
  • Development of High Effective Ammonia Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • Development of ANNOMOX Technology
  • Development of Adsorption/Oxidation Treatment Technology
  • Development of Membrane Modified by Vapor Deposition Treatment Technology
  • Development of Oxidant Decomposition Technology
  • Development of Fenton-Scrubber Technology
  • Testing Technology of Photocatalyst Efficiency on Water Cleaning
  • Physical Analysis of Porous Adsorbent and the Evaluation on Phosphate Removal
  • Application of Photocalyst on Aquaculture Water Cleaning